Cuddledoodles: Aussiedoodles & Mini Aussiedoodles

 Aussiedoodles are a smart , happy go lucky dog they love evryone. Good family dog they love to play and love children. A Aussiedoodle is cross of a Austrailian Shepherd  and poodle. The mini Aussiedoodles are the cross of a Aussiedoodle and poodle and tend to be smaller. 

 (What to expect when you get your Aussiedoodle pup from Cuddledoodles?)

 We strive on making sure all pups are healthy and well socialized before they leave us to go on to live their lives in their furever homes. At the day of pickup or delivery, you will recieve a 1 year Health Guarantee contract, Shot/worming record. Each puppy will have a Neopar shot (Parvo Prevention) @ 4 weeks and first puppy shot @ 6 weeks. Each puppy will come with a 4lb bag of puppy food that they have been feeding on to help with transitioning to the puppy diet you choose to use . We feed all our puppies and adult parent dogs "Loyal" brand (by Nutrena) dog food which we also offer on our website for purchase if you so choose to buy a bigger bag. We also offer puppy recieving blankets that we rub on the littermates so your pup can go home with a familiar scent!  We offer these @ $12.50 available upon request before pickup. 


Below you will find our current puppies available in the Aussie Doodle & Mini Aussie Doodle Breeds!                                                               





Male 4-3 Mini aussiedoodle pup (black white markings) Born March 10th and ready to go


Price:  $595.00





Male 3-3 Mini Aussiedoodle pup ( black white markings) Born March 1st and ready to go


Price:  $595.00



Female 4-3 Mini Aussiesdoodle pup Born May 20th and ready to go starting July 24th



Reserved:  Congrats to the Kritschard family! 




Male 2-3 Mini Aussiedoodle pup (black white markings) Born March 7th and ready to go



Reserved:  Congrats to the Reynolds family! 




Female 3-5 Mini Aussiedoodle pup



Sold:  Congrats to the Maurer Family! 



Male 2 Mini Aussidoodle pup ( Black with white markings) 




Sold:  Congrats to the Marshall Family! 




Male 1 Mini Aussidoodle pup ( Merle) born March 1st and ready to go starting April 30th. 



Sold:   Congrats to the Lutz family! 



Female 3-6  Mini Aussiedoodle Pup ( Golden ) born Feb. 24 



SOLD:  Congrats to the Hollis Family! 



Male 4 Mini Aussidoodle pup (tri)  Born March 1st and ready to go starting April 30th.



Sold:  Congrats to the Sherman Family!



Male 3 Mini Aussidoodle pup (Merle ) Born March 1st and ready to go starting April 30th.



Sold:   Congrats to the Boothe Family! 

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